27 February 2006

Reading Log

I have enjoyed creating a web page about books. This blog is a companion to the web page. It is meant as a space to explore what I am reading and record new books and resources I would like to consider including on the web page.
I was discussing my reading log with a friend last week. She had never explored the idea of keeping a reading log. Mine is pretty simple. Each year I reserve a page or two in my journal to record what I read that year. I only note the title, author, and give it a rating. My ratings are based on the ABC grading method used in school. I also use the minus (-) and plus (+). I keep the reading log for a few reasons.
  1. To keep a record of what I have read.
  2. To note authors whose works I enjoy.
  3. To notice patterns in my reading i.e. what I seem to read at different periods in my life.
  4. To strive for a balance in my reading habits and not limit myself to one genre or subject.
  5. To help me select books that are my idea of the best books (and A-, A, or A+ rating).

I noticed in one reading blog mention of del.icio.us. I think that might be an interesting way to keep a reading log. Will explore that some more.

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