03 March 2006

Master and Commander

Several weeks ago enjoyed the movie Master and Commander starring Russell Crowe. http://www.masterandcommanderthefarsideoftheworld.com/intro.html
I have seen the O'Brien books for years and just ignored them. To give myself a taste of the his writing, I opted for the audiobook. It was a good choice for me. First of all the nautical terms at the beginning of the book go on forever, for example the name and desecription of every sail. In additional the old English sea terms, the book is just plain "wordy". It was starting to feel like something by Dickens, who was paid by the word.
However, just to listen and let the words and the story "wash" over me has been a pleasant experience. I can easily get caught up in the adventure of life on a British ship with the captain and his surgeon.

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