18 April 2006

Memoir Trio

After The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, seems like I've been stuck on women's personal narratives. Just finished Under the Tuscan Sun, which bore little resemblance to the movie. The only things in common were an actual home in Tuscany and a woman named Francis. Part cook book, part travelogue, part "This Old House", and part reflections of a Southern Woman it somehow manages to work. It was easy to relate to home rennovations that turn into nightmares, and the Southern Woman focus. I don't think a summer house in Tuscany would be my dream, but enjoyed traveling along on her adventure!
This week should finish On Call by Emily R. Transue. Reads like a blog. A resident records her days and nights over the three years of her internship and residency. Many interesting stories, confirmed several things I have always suspected about doctors and opened my eyes to things I never knew. First revelation: there is the over-riding presence of death. Many patients in hospitals die. I had to adjust to the notion that many people never come home from the hospital. Because I am of a different generation, the prevelance of female doctors was astonishing! If this book is any reflection of the present medical community, medicine is becoming a female profession.
Just started Nickle and Dimed: On Not Getting By in America by Barbara . So far, so good.

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