20 July 2006

A great new site

I just discovered a great site, Library Thing. You can keep a record of books, rate them and tag them. Your library can be shared or personal, your choice. You can also search Amazon, Library of Congress, other libraries for books. It is possible to organize your library list.
I've started mine.
I like it!

15 July 2006

Recs from friends

Recently, three friends have recommended history/biography books. Now I have some new titles to put on my "wish list". Both my son and a friend from church have suggested Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling by Bushman. My history loving friend in Texas highly recommends The Widow of the South by Hicks. And although she has yet to read it, my English major friend from work suggests Franklin and Winston by Meacham. (Maybe I'll wait until she has actually read it before I put it on my list.)

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